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Pershing Health System


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Pershing Health System Ancillary Services

    ■Outpatient/Ambulatory Services 

    General/Same Day Surgery;

    Cataracts/Laser Surgery

    IV Therapy/Infusions (also including Remicade,Rituxan, Reclast & Lupron Therapy);

    Medication Administration

    Blood Transfusions

    Wound Care


    Port-a-Cath Central Line Access

    Bladder Instillation/Catheterization

    New Services Added All the Time: If you have a service you would like to receive, please contact Outpatient Department for further information or questions. Please call 660-258-2222 extension 1183.

    ■Laboratory Services

    Full Service Laboratory

    Phlebotomy Therapy (Scheduled)

    Employment Drug Screens: Mon – Fri 8am to 4pm (Must set up contract)

    Coagulation Testing (Blood Thinner)

    Inpatient and Outpatient

    DOT Employment Drug Screen: Mon – Thur 8:30am to Noon (Must set up contract)

    Meadville Lab Services: Tues – Thur 8:30am -11am and 2pm – 6pm

    ■Respiratory Therapy Inpatient and Outpatient Treatment of Chronic and Acute Respiratory Disorders

    Pulmonary Function Testing

    Arterial Blood Gases, Pulse Oximetry

    Sleep Studies – Call to Schedule      


    Physical Therapy

    Occupational Therapy

    SNF Rehab

    Medicare, Medicaid, Work Comp, Insurance

    Post Joint Replacement Rehab

    Stroke – Bio-Dex Balance/Vestibular Training

    Sports, Industrial, & Farm Injuries

    Pediatrics, Geriatrics, Orthopedics

    Visiting Orthopedic Surgeon Clinics

    Radiology Services

    Radiography/Fluoroscopy Walk-in or scheduled 6 days a week

    CT Scan

    MRI Scan (Scheduled every Wed & Sun)

    Ultrasound (Scheduled 5 days a week)

    Mammography (Scheduled 5 days a week)

    Nuclear Medicine (Scheduled every other Thur)

    Dexa Bone Density (Scheduled 5 days a week

    Cardio Rehabilitation

    Phase II, Phase III, Phase IV

    Must Have Referral From Cardiologist

    For More Information or Questions Please Contact Cardiac Rehab at 660-258-1275

    ■Nutritional Services

    Inpatient and Outpatient

    Registered Dietician Consultation

Pershing Health System Ancillary Services Specialty Clinics

Ophthalmology Dr. Andrew Moyes Gastroenterology Dr. Peter Cleavinger
* 2nd Monday of the month * Every Wednesday of the month
* Call 816-746-9800 for appointments * Call 660-258-1183 for appointments

Orthopedics Dr. Peter Buchert Audiology Michelle Woodward, MS, CCC-A
* 4th Tuesday of the month * 2nd 4th Thursday of the month
* Call 573-876-8652 for appointments * Call 800-626-5266 for appointments

OBGYN Dr. Delos Clow Dr. Yulia Peniston; General / Same Day Surgery; Dr. Jason Gault
* 1st 3rd Wednesday of the month * 1st, 3rd 4th Monday of the month
* Call 660-258-1183 for appointments; * Call 660-258-1183 for appointments

Dermatology Dr. Lloyd, Jonathan David Cleaver Podiatry Erich G. Eriksen, D.P.M.
* 3rd Friday of the month; * Every Tuesday of the month
* Call 660-627-7546 for appointments; * Call 660-258-1183 for appointments

Cardiology; Missouri Heart Center
* Every Thursday of the month
* Call 573-256-7700 for appointments

    Specialty consultations as available upon request. New Clinics Added All The Time: Please check with Community Medical Associates or Outpatient/Ambulatory Department for any addition of services not listed.